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NH30M - NHMTG 5.56 30rd AR15 Magazine with Magpul Follower

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NHMTG mags
August 14, 2011
By Bill Westfall

I just bought a new Sig Sauer M400 AR-15 its the first AR-15 I've ever owned. Its the best gun I've ever owned I could go on all day about it, it come with a NHMTG mag, I have bought more of the NHMTG mags for it, you could not by any better mags for the price thay are 100% reliable so why buy the high dollar ones, yes thay look a little rough when you buy them new but I think thats just from factory testing. So if you want a very good mag for a good price go to an buy the NHMTG mags. I've been getting the ones with the Magpul follower but both are 100% reliable.

January 24, 2012
By Daniel O'Neil

These are real deal mags. Never a feed problem. Material quality is U.S.G.I. top notch. Not cheap thin walled, cheap stamped 2nd teir wanna-be's.

Great Mags.
February 04, 2012
By Novak

Just picked up a Sig 556 SWAT that came with these mags they worked flawlessly. Going to buy more. The thing that worries me is they have a manufacture date on them, are they preparing for a Obama ban?

February 10, 2012
By Doug

Have over 100 of these, and they all run flawlessly.

The Best Mag Made?
September 29, 2012
By William Harkins

Other then the PMag I beleive there is no better magazine out there then the NHMTG mags with a magpul follower. Im not sure Id even say the PMAG is better but even in quality and function. I have used dozens of NHMTG mags and have never ever had a single magazine malfunction. You just get buy a better aluminum mag.

October 24, 2012
By Brian

I worked for the company that these mags were made for, New Helvetia Mercantile Trade Group. FYI New Helvetia is the old name for Sacramento CA.

February 17, 2013
By Lee Granger

Have two and just purchased four more. Never had a problem with these mags, they look and feel just like what I was issued in the military.

Great buy from a great website
March 14, 2013
By iHumboldt

Great mags! Bought 3 of them, they are aluminium with magpul followers , very reliable , and thanks to 44 mag for making available as parts, best buy and company to deal with right now, very fast shipping too, shipped within a week!

Would give six stars
March 23, 2013
By matt

NHMTG mags have long been the standard. I wouldn't go with anything else. The Magpul follower addition is great, a tremendous improvement over the old light green G.I. follower. Follower fits tighter and is very un-likely to tilt. Great partnership between Magpul and NHMTG.

awsome mags!
May 03, 2013
By matthew andrews

what a great business! very impressed with service very fast 2 or 3 days from order to house and great product!

Great magazine
May 20, 2013
By Dave

This magazine is very high quality, the magpul follower is a plus. No problems or complaints, 400 rounds shot through it so far. Will definitely order more.... Also shipping/service from 44mag was great.

June 10, 2013
By matt

I was looking for metal magazines for my HK MR556 and these work flawlessly i couldn't be happier!

Great Mags
September 19, 2013
By Jim

I have Tapco, Magpul gen2 and gen3. All have hailed to lock back on last round at some point and I have had a few double feeds with the Tapco. Not the NHMTG's. Lock back after last round every time and no double feeds. Get some!

Can't beat these mags for the price
November 01, 2013
By John

Can't beat these mags. I bought some 20's and 30's a month or so ago and I'm sold on NHMTG. No function errors with these mags; mixed bag of ammo. Some complain that they're rough looking/scratched or the color doesn't match their rifle. Boo-hoo. I'm a function over form guy. These mags function.

fine product
February 04, 2014
By Darryl Verser

these are great mags. these are one of only two kinds of the mags i buy for my ar15. has great prices and very fast shipping.

None better
September 22, 2014
By Mark White

I have already submitted a review on the NHMTG 20 rounders but thought I would chime in on the 30's. As the owner of other "mil-spec" magazines by other vendors I felt the need to distinguish between the D&H (old Labell) and NHMTG. D&H are very good magazines and I have not had any issues with mine, however, NHMTG mags do not have the sharp edges on the inside of the feed-lips and hence move more easily into the chamber. I don't mind that the D&H puts cuts down the brass and requires more pressure to leave the magazine going into the chamber or that their springs are nosier they still work fine. If looks are more important than function then D&H wins hands down. NHMTG mags are designed with function as the #1 priority behind beauty. NHMTG mags are the only aluminum mags out there that feed as smooth as P-mags (that wont fit into my magazine pouch due to their larger size at the base plate). Not bashing P-Mags either, they are great mags also, I'm just saying the NHMTG mags have no issues with mag pouches, they feed like P-Mags and are built with great quality.

Love Them
April 28, 2015
By Scott

Love these mags. Bought 3 of the 30s and 1 20. I I will be buying more of both sizes.

This is basically a Colt mag, with Magpul follower
September 24, 2015
By Nick B

So you can't beat this mags if you are in the USGI mag market. Plain and simple, these have the construction quality of a factory Colt mag with the convenience of Magpul follower. My Factory colt mags for my M4 are identical to these minus some Brand markings. Great product

October 02, 2015
By Rodney W.

Good Mags, for the price. Wipe down with some break-free and it makes the finish look better, That is what I did. Good quality mag.

As good as
March 18, 2016
By Jason

With all the polymer mags out there nowadays, one might think the "old style" mags are obsolete. Not so. With the anti-tilt follower upgrade, I can't see why these mags wouldn't be amount the best of any AR mag built to date. I've been running 4 of these hard for a week. No issues, 100% reliable and look great in my A4 rifle. Yes, A4 not M4. I can't believe they are so affordable. I'm getting more!


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